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What is the Doctor Referral Institute?

Doctor Referral Institute is a referral marketing and relationship company that serves offices around the country, providing a critical boots-on-the-ground referral building strategy. We focus on maintaining face-to-face representation of our clients to targeted referral sources. 

How Doctor Referral Institute Started

Dr. David Rominski owned and operated one of the largest physical medicine practices in the country for over 12 years.  "I quickly came to understand that not all patients that came to the office were the same as far as quality (type of condition, following through with care and payer mix).  I really wanted to understand where the best patients were coming from and what we had to do to get more of them," Rominski remembered. After reviewing the patient trends, he came to understand that the highest quality patients were patients that had been referred by another provider.These patients were already ‘screened’ to be the type of case and payer mix Rominski's office needed.  "So that is where I focused our marketing attention."

Building Referral Relationships Wasn't Easy

"At first, I tried to build and nurture these referral relationships myself. I didn’t mind doing it, but I didn’t have the time and wasn’t able to devote full attention that my referral sources deserved. Then I decided I would train one of my staff members how to do it and have them build and nurture these relationships. That didn’t work very well. Sales weren’t their thing and we had no system in place to support their efforts," said Rominski. Finally, after exhausting all other resources, he hired someone with sales experience in healthcare and developed a system and process to follow to ensure our referral sources were being taken care of and we were representing our office with the highest standards.

Testing the Right the System

Over 10 years, Dr. Rominski researched, tested, and analyzed systems that would help him achieve the results he needed in referral building. From educational information, to frequency of visits, to referral sources, to the finding the right referral development specialist, no stone was unturned in his search for the perfect solution. From his findings and a clear understanding that a referral building system was instrumental to the success of healthcare practices, Dr. Rominski founded  Doctor Referral Institute and implemented the New Patient Referral Building System. The unmatched system provided face-to-face representation, referral protection, and a reporting system second to none.  "We educate referral sources about who they should send their patients to, and help our clients by driving high-quality, case-specific, patients to their offices," explained Rominski.

The Results Were Astounding

Over the course of two years, Dr. Rominski was able to grow his practice over 300% in revenue. Additionally, the volume of patients doubled, and collections per case increased by over 38%. Not only did having a dedicated referral specialist grow Rominski's practice, but patients were happy they were being referred to a doctor that specialized in the condition they were experiencing. "I was happy because my office saw the types of cases and payer mixes we wanted to see," recalled Rominski. The size and quality of his practice didn’t go unnoticed either. "Several doctors would call or ask me at seminars what we were doing and how we were doing it."

Doctor Referral Institute is not a standard marketing company.  "I am a healthcare provider that understands your needs and what it takes to be successful. Our team brings an average of 10+ years of healthcare sales experience, relationship building skills, and a  fool-proof system that ensures your success." The New Patient Referral System's custom packages are completely managed for you.  You can view those packages here.

How the New Patient Referral Building System Works

"Our focus is quality growth of your practice.  Our system is what makes us successful." - Dr. David Rominski


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