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Our Exclusive Guarantee

Once we’re working for you, we’re working for you – exclusively. In other words, we won’t accept another doctor with your focus in your area.

That way, you get the unfettered marketing efforts and results you deserve.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Hiring us means hiring a quality healthcare practice marketing and networking service that doesn’t cut corners. Nor do we bleed you dry through upfront costs or subtle backdoor tricks. We’re not going to promise our full focus on you and your particular healthcare practice, only to say the same exact thing to your direct competitors.

That would cheapen our reputation and your results, both of which we intensely value.

When you partner with the Doctor Referral Institute, you go to the top of our pinpointed priorities list – and you stay there. That’s what we’re known for. No ifs, ands, buts or legal lines about it.

Feel the Full Power of DRI on Your Side

Back when DRI Founder and President Dr. David Rominski first started researching healthcare referrals, it was because he was a physical health doctor himself. As such, he fully understood the larger industry’s ins and outs, including how very little time healthcare practice professionals have in their work day.

With changing healthcare trends and payment capabilities, he and just about every other U.S. doctor was feeling the full weight of increased – and often faulty – patient loads. And, of course, that came complete with the moral, ethical and legal responsibilities each new visit, analysis and diagnosis entailed.

There was a lot going on in his office, and a lot that could be run more efficiently, he couldn’t help but notice. Most of that came down to a marketing and networking problem. As in, he was getting a number of inaccurate, incapable or all-around unhelpful referrals that drained his time and resources, not to mention his patients themselves.

Nobody had to tell him that wasn’t the best way to run a business. Clearly then, he needed to rethink the way things were currently being done.

Marketing and networking are helpful notions for any business to pay attention to, of course. But finding the hours necessary to really research and then implement them is a struggle. And paying someone a full salary plus benefits to take on that job is far from cost-effective.

Yet back when Dr. Rominski was in practice, there were few if any other worthwhile choices to work with.

So he did it. He hired someone.

Your Particular Medical Practice-Specific Spotlight

Then he studied that someone closely, including their strategies and setbacks and results, until he had a working formula to implement of his own.

Armed with that strategy, Dr. Rominski was able to double the volume of his healthcare practice patients. Collections per case alone rose more than 38%. And his revenue skyrocketed 300% and then some!

That’s because he, his hire and the resulting marketing approach made sure that No. 1 stayed No. 1.

That’s the only way to implement this strategy: to seize your area-specific spotlight – and keep it.

Results You Can Take to the Bank

Without DRI’s fine-tuned networking and marketing strategy employed at your practice, you are vulnerable to outside competition.

But with it, you’ve got the best of the best at your back, pushing you forward until you’re so far out of the rat race, it’s not even worth mentioning.

Yet Doctor Referral Institute neither seeks to take advantage of your initial vulnerability nor your mid-term or long-term success under its influential guidance. Put simply, this is not your standard marketing company.

It’s a marketing company owned and operated by someone who’s been there, done that and seen the power of exclusive area promotion firsthand.

Let DRI show you how it’s done – to perfection – today.

What Our Clients Say

"One of the best things we have done for our clinics is to make Doctor Referral Institute a part of our business. I highly recommend DRI."

Rodger C., DRI Client


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