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Stop wasting time, money and resources on dead-end marketing strategies and networking possibilities that go nowhere. The Doctor Referral Institute has it from here.

According to the data delivered by one particular study, 66% of physicians declared themselves “very unlikely” to reconsider their current referral patterns without first getting to know a new source’s physician liaison.

It’s that in-person touch that makes all the difference – something that DRI excels at.

When you partner with DRI, you’re automatically assigned the fully focused, enormously knowledgeable and extremely experienced equivalent of a physician liaison or practice representative. Except for one major difference… Unlike with a physician liaison or practice representative, you don’t have to worry about adding up the additional cost of employee benefits or adding to already existing office politics.

You just get to concentrate on your patients… who will be increasing in number.

DRI operates as its own entirely functional team while it does the necessary legwork to bolster your existing relationships and cultivate new ones. This keeps quality referrals coming your way day after day after day.

Best yet, you don’t have to lift an extra finger to make it happen.

Our referral development specialists take the standard role of physician liaison or practice representative to the next level. With their fine-tuned attention to detail, they take care of:

  • Speaking directly with potential referral sources about your expertise, experience and ideal client profile
  • Interacting with current referral sources, listening and resolving their concerns and acting as an active liaison in that regard
  • Promoting you as the go-to referral resource by using honest assessments, accuracy and aplomb
  • Insuring you get the right referrals you can truly provide condition-specific quality care to, which then bolsters your reputation further from there.

Your Referral-Building Representatives

DRI doesn’t hire just anyone. We care about your quality of care and bottom line just as much as you do. That’s why we’re proud to not only take the weight of hiring a physician liaison or practice representative off your shoulders. We also remove the weight of worrying about managing one more person from your busy schedule.

Your personal referral development specialist already knows what he or she is doing – without you having to train or micromanage them.

Again, our job is to make yours more efficient.

That means we’ll utilize our knowledgeable national network to send the right representative straight to your referral and potential referral’s office doors. Your personal referral development specialist isn’t there to cut corners… They’re there to make direct, face-to-face connections with the very people poised to send you the clients you’re looking for.

That way, they know who to refer to you, and you know who to expect on a consistent basis.

In your industry, that’s the only way to do it.

The Personal DRI Touch

While people in general, of course, like to do business with people they know, it’s especially true of the world of healthcare. With reputations, certifications, insurance and patient health all on the line, the doctors you want to work with only want to work with you if they can look you in the eye while reading over your credentials and qualifications.

In-person contact wins out over phone or email every time in this regard.

That way, meetings are scheduled, not stolen. Therefore, your local doctors have more room to ask the questions they need answered in order to feel safe about sending referrals your way. And not just any referrals.

The right referrals

That’s a tough task to take on… unless you’re DRI with its personally placed referral development specialists.

And should you need to provide any feedback about your referral development specialist for any reason, all you need to do is call your designated contact at DRI. We structure our entire business so that you don’t have to worry about such things. But we are always there if concerns do arise.

Trust the right people to manage the referral side of your business. Trust Doctor Referral Institute.

What Our Clients Say

"One of the best things we have done for our clinics is to make Doctor Referral Institute a part of our business. I highly recommend DRI."

Rodger C., DRI Client


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