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No matter the industry, whether in the healthcare practice or otherwise, marketing works best when you know what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. We do.

According to networking specialists Business 2 Community, “… a referral channel can deliver a higher value when compared to the standard marketing and partner lead funnels. In fact, when there is sales involvement… the conversion rate of referral partner leads shoots up to 41%...”

How much higher can it go when the right providers are recommending the right patients?

The healthcare practice thrives on provider matching. But it has to be provider matching done right. There’s no half-hearted way to handle it. Not unless you want to waste time and resources.

Not unless you want to see half-hearted results – complete with the confusion and headaches those come with.

Every doctor, healthcare practice and healthcare practice-related professional understands the frustration of a wasted visit. A patient or client comes to you for help, expecting to hear a viable solution for his or her time and money… something that’s going to positively enhance their negatively effected life.

So you do your job. You spend time and resources asking them the necessary questions and examining the necessary parts. Your ultimate conclusion, however, is far from optimal. Because you can’t help them at all. You have to pass them on to someone else, meaning no repeat business for you and no actual relief in sight for them.

Walking out of a patient interaction like that never feels good. Nor should it.

In an ideal world, it wouldn’t ever happen, of course. Also of course, we don’t live in an ideal world.

But there is a way to make it more so.

The Right Doctor Can See You Now

When the wrong patient or client comes your way, clearly, wires were crossed somewhere, somehow.

To some degree, that’s inevitable. After all, you’re never going to be able to actually help 100% of the patients who sign in at your front desk. But what if you could get closer to that perfect score? Significantly closer?

That’s the Doctor Referral Institute’s entire mission: to boost your provider-matching success rate. And after so many years doing exactly that across the nation, we’re really good at achieving our entire mission.

We accomplish it by first understanding exactly what you do – and then finding out exactly what the other members of your local healthcare community do. That way, we can provide the right information to the right people to send you the right patients.

And that will be much, much more often than not.

How do we do that? Now, that’s a process worth telling…

Healthcare Practice Provider Matching Made Easier

DRI is never about surface-level research, and so we rarely get surface-level results.

Already ahead of the game based on our own extensive healthcare industry experience, we next add in a significant personal touch to the too-often impersonal world of marketing. By sitting down directly with potential healthcare referral providers inside your local area, we not only get to promote you and precisely what you do…

We also get to know them and precisely what they do.

That makes an enormous difference in the provider-matching strategy.

Very quickly, we’re able to figure out who to focus our full marketing power on. This means letting them get to know us better. And since we’re consistently and honestly promoting you the whole process long, that means we’re letting them get to know you better too.

This builds a sense of trust and community between you and your fellow – match-worthy – healthcare providers. Those are key elements in any provider-matching plan, since they’re not going to recommend you unless they’re sure their referrals will be in good hands.

You wouldn’t either. Nor should you.

Fortunately, with DRI’s active involvement, nobody has to make that dangerous choice. There’s a reputable bond built between you and your fellow healthcare practice professionals.

So the next time they have a patient they could send your way… they will.

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"One of the best things we have done for our clinics is to make Doctor Referral Institute a part of our business. I highly recommend DRI."

Rodger C., DRI Client


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