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And The Numbers To Prove Them

DRI pledges to put in the time and effort necessary to boost your healthcare practice’s quality referral rate. We’ll even show you precisely how much time and effort that amounts to.

“Doctor Referral Institute has a system and structure put in place that has represented my clinic with very high standards and results. They have an experienced, ethical, professional team that is giving me the representation and results that I was looking for.” – Joy D. DRI Client

Forgive us for bragging, but it’s a system and structure that’s definitely worth talking about.

Business relationships are supposed to be about trust. You trust your employees to do their jobs. You trust your patients to pay for jobs well done. And you trust yourself to put your best foot forward every day in service to those patients and employees.

But unfortunately, it’s not always easy to establish trust with a new consulting firm. You may be all about respecting your specific healthcare practice and larger industry, but there are plenty of other people out there who don’t share those values.

The news headlines are filled with such examples every other day, it seems. And, no doubt, you have some corporate and customer service horror stories of your own.

It’s enough to put your teeth on edge, even if your current physician’s liaison or practice representative just isn’t working out.

These days, it seems like there are only two ways to truly combat those possibilities with any new business relationship:

  1. Demand full transparency.
  2. Find a company that willingly offers full transparency in the first place.

We’re the latter.

Your Results Recorded and Analyzed – Down to the Last Detail

Every week, we carefully record our progress in delivering you our best. DRI keeps careful track of who we will be seeing, who we’ve already seen and who we should be seeing.

In addition, we’re documenting:

  • How many likely healthcare practices exist in your area, including new ones set to open
  • What each healthcare practice partner does
  • How likely they are to match you with quality patient referrals
  • How likely they are to recommend those quality patient your way
  • Once they start recommending quality patients your way, how well-placed they are to continue doing so…

That and so much more that we need to know in order to do our job – and that you need to know in order to do yours. Doing our due diligence and following through on our client commitment is what we do best.

Providing spot-on reporting and analytics comes in close second.

A common mistake when building a referral marketing program is neglecting to keep track of incoming data to gauge success. There’s not a one-size fits all formula to follow any more than building a strong referral network is a two-step process.

Understanding that, DRI not only keeps track of the referrals going in but also the quality coming out of them.

We Don’t Wait for You to Ask

DRI values the concept and practice of establishing trust just as much as you do. And we make every professional effort to prove that to you every day.

This includes sending you a weekly report summing up our network referral progress on your behalf.

There’s no need for you to call up “customer service” hotlines to make the request. No need to go through longwinded automated processes to speak to a live representative. And there’s also no need to have your customer number ready.

Signing on with DRI means signing on with network referral professionals who respect you far more than that. Which means we’ll already know who you are.

That’s not a gimmick. It’s the truth.

What Our Clients Say

"One of the best things we have done for our clinics is to make Doctor Referral Institute a part of our business. I highly recommend DRI."

Rodger C., DRI Client


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