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DRI wants you to be comfortable and confident in the doctor referral marketing package you select. Let’s make it personal.

According to the 2018 Medscape Report on Physician Burnout and Depression, burnout continues to be a major problem in the medical community, with the most reported contributing factor being “an excess of bureaucratic tasks.”

Doctor Referral Institute exists to cut those tasks down by offering you the right doctor referral marketing package.

Referral Insurance Package

You’ve probably heard the caution not to take what you have for granted. It’s a wise statement that holds very true in the world of doctor referral marketing. Just because you already have connections within the healthcare community today doesn’t mean you won’t tomorrow.

The Referral Insurance Package is specifically designed to protect and enhance your existing relationships. By keeping up with those healthcare practices and practitioners, you’re letting them know they’re valued while simultaneously keeping your name at the top of their recommendation list.

In addition, DRI keeps them educated about the exact kinds of patients you’re most qualified to see. It’s a win-win-win situation for your existing referral sources, your mutual patients… and you.

Tailored to your specific practice and its exact needs, your Referral Insurance Package will automatically provide reporting and analytics to keep you up to date each step of the way. From there, you can customize your DRI experience with:

Referral Development & Insurance Package

This option is for healthcare practices seeking growth.

In order to properly expand, healthcare practices need to be constantly on their toes about at least maintaining a strong referral system, if not actively building it up. This is what DRI’s Referral Development & Insurance Package is created to do. It actively explores new marketing opportunities on your behalf and for your benefit.

This offering is also ideal for expanding healthcare practices that are opening up new offices in new areas, adding another provider, or trying to grow their existing practice. Just because you’re well established in your original location doesn’t mean the right referral resources know about you outside of that hard-won domain.

Once again tailored specifically to you, your healthcare practice and the kind of people you see every day, the Referral Development & Insurance Package can include:

Health Systems, Franchises, Associations, Societies, DME & Ancillary Services

Whether you’re working out of a hospital, operating a franchise, running a consultancy or managing a healthcare-related company, you’re going to want someone to analyze the referral trends coming in.

The results might be surprising.

There are almost always ways to optimize the referral system-building process, whether it’s in reaching out to the right sources, speaking to the right people or examining the situation much closer to home.

And every bit of that is DRI’s specialty.

We provide a thorough examination of your current referral business, crunching the numbers and analyzing the data. Then we optimize those existing relationships to promote growth, quality and effectiveness.

Essentially, we customize your DRI plan to match your business goals and budget, leaving you to watch us steadily improve your results.

Referral Consulting

DRI’s system reaches out far and wide into the U.S. It’s a set of associations we’re very proud of creating, maintaining and continuously expanding. Yet we do still offer a do-it-yourself referral management option for more rural healthcare practices or those feeling adventurous.

With our Referral Consulting program, your team gets integrated into our proven system.

With this professional DRI package at your disposal, you get a solid set of resources:

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