Doctoral Marketing 101 – The Best Way to Advertise Your Specialty Healthcare Practice

In order to function at best capacity, specialty healthcare practices require a full spread of specialized focuses and factors, from education to attention to detail, staff, equipment and, of course, patients.

They also require specialized marketing strategies.

But that last element is a skillset that probably isn’t included in your otherwise impressive resume. Chances are unfortunately high that all your education-bound years in college, medical school and beyond didn’t teach you a single thing about marketing.

And why should they have? Marketing strategies, specialized or not, don’t teach you to identify the issues your specialty healthcare practice handles. They don’t train you to properly diagnose and treat the patients who come through your doors.

Isn’t that what you should be focusing on?

It is. Unequivocally.

However, the number of patients you see will be limited without the power of marketing on your side. As such, you and your new specialty healthcare practice have an array of advertising strategies to choose from.


You could:

Each of the three advertising strategies above certainly have their positive capabilities. But they also have their definite downsides. For instance:

Fortunately, you don’t.

The #1 Way to Build a Quality Specialty Healthcare Practice

Doctor Referral Institute is already well-established and well-respected in its field. That means we already have the trusted name-brand recognition you’re looking for, which is half the battle.

As for the other half, DRI has that covered as well. We take our solid reputation right to your area for sit-down, face-to-face meetings with referring physicians.

This detail is crucial considering how those referring physicians don’t want to pass their patients on to just anyone. They need to know they can trust you and your specialty practice first. In which case, a mere phone call or email will not do.

That kind of genuine, knowledgeable, in-person touch – that’s the #1 way to build a quality specialty healthcare practice.

Here at DRI, we know our business of acquiring patient referrals – and we know it well. Thoroughly. Inside and out. As such, we’re already very familiar with numerous specialty healthcare practices and what they involve. Chances are, this includes yours.

Don’t turn your marketing strategy into a game – not even a great game of golf – with haphazard advertising outlets. Give your up-and-coming specialty healthcare practice the specialized care it needs.

That way, you’re free to give your own brand of specialized care to your new and continuing patients.

Get Exclusive Representation of Your Practice

Every Doctor Referral Institute client receives exclusivity of the area the practice is located. Spots move quickly. Request a free referral marketing evaluation to learn how you can reserve your location.


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