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Your specific healthcare practice or healthcare-related business has specific focuses. That means it deserves specific marketing strategies and networking considerations, no matter your specialty.

According to a 2014 study, “Nearly 20 million times a year in the U.S., patients are sent to a provider who is not the right match for their condition.” Twenty million times. And we seriously doubt that number has overwhelmingly improved since.

Don’t be part and parcel to that problem. There’s a worthwhile solution available with DRI.

Inaccurate doctor-to-patient or doctor-to-doctor healthcare referrals are a very big deal in the U.S. today. Every year, these costly mistakes result in:

Faulty referrals cost everyone involved somehow, whether hourly, financially or when it comes to their physical well-being. This is no small consideration to sweep under the rug or put aside for a rainy day.

It’s a huge problem that begs the question: Can you truly afford to set it aside for one more day? How much is it costing you per week? Per month? Per year?

Whatever the actual amount, it’s guaranteed to be classified under the category of “too much.”

Fortunately, this huge problem isn’t one you have to be part of anymore. It’s not only solvable – it’s also an affordable and efficient fix that will start paying off before you know it.

No matter the healthcare practice, specialty or aspect you operate within, the Doctor Referral Institute is perfectly placed and exceptionally experienced to know what you need by way of marketing and networking practices. We identify where your best referrals will come from by first identifying exactly what you do and exactly who you need to make your office run as smoothly as possible.

Have Your Healthcare Practice’s Ideal Patients Sent Your Way

No doubt, if you had a choice, you would only be seeing people you could actually help.

DRI doesn’t pretend it can solve that entire problem, but it can decrease it by significant degrees, giving you more time to practice what you’re otherwise so good at: offering expert analyses, spot-on diagnoses and qualified solutions to better your patients’ or clients’ lives.

And again, it doesn’t do that with a one-size fits all trick. This is tailored to you, your area and what you specifically specialize in.

How You Know Doctor Referral Institute Can Help You

No matter your exact focus in the expansive field of healthcare, DRI is confident it can increase the quality of your patient referrals – and your bottom line – while decreasing your stress levels.

Consider the following common issues. Then consider how you won’t have to deal with them again

DRI’s efforts make and keep you efficient and effective, driving quality traffic your way for a turn in profit that cannot be beat.

Regardless of the specialty, service or focus you provide, Doctor Referral Institute has the support your marketing strategy needs. Make your life easier and your healthcare practice stronger.

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